Hey Click2Calendar family, we are back with new calendar templates for you. This blog post is in continuation of the monthly printable calendar series for the upcoming year of 2025. If you are new here, then make sure to check our website Click2Calendar.com. We provide each member of our Click2Calendar family with simple pages of productivity. Currently, we are here to announce our new July 2025 Calendar Printable PDF. Are you excited to view our beautiful monthly calendars? Yes? Then kudos! Let’s dive right in without wasting any more time.

July 2025 Calendar Printable PDF Templates With Holidays

Now that you are here, let’s see what our July 2025 Calendar printable looks like from the outside. Our July 2025 Calendar Printable is specially designed with a simple and sleek frame. The whole purpose of designing it in such a way is to add a minimalistic vibe to your working schedule. Minimalism wins at the end, right? Additionally, if we talk about the size, you’d be happy to know that you can use our July 2025 printable calendars wherever you want. From cupboards to work desks to even your refrigerator.

Anywhere you want! Do you know why is that? If no, then let us tell you that the exact size of our July 2025 calendar template is 8.5″ x 11″, a size that fits every nook and corner of your house and life perfectly. The calendar also has all the important dates and holidays in July mentioned at the center bottom of the calendar. These holidays are there to remind you to take a day or two to yourself as resting is equally important as working for your ambitions, right? Oh,

we forgot to tell you that even you can red mark the days on the calendar. It has a lot of space to store your thoughts and plans. Now, the best part of using our July 2025 calendar with holidays? Any guesses? We think you guessed it right. Yes, they are free of cost. You don’t need to spend a single penny to use these pages of productivity. We are providing it for free because everyone deserves to plan their life freely, and there shouldn’t be a single person who doesn’t have access to our beautiful Printable July 2025 calendars. Are you excited to get started right away? Yes? Then read till the end to know the downloading process.

Now, let’s learn a thing or two about July so that you not only take away the calendar from our website but also some general knowledge.

The Month of July

The month of July has a total of 31 days and is the 7th month of the Gregorian calendar. This month has a very interesting history. Did you know that it was earlier regarded as the 5th month of the yearly calendar? We bet you have no clue about it. But, don’t worry, now you know something that the majority doesn’t! Additionally, July was not known as what it is known today. The ancient or the antique name of July as we call it was “Quintillis” meaning “the fifth month” in Latin. But obviously, when July became the 7th month of the yearly calendar, the name had to change with its position. As soon as it became the 7th month, the name shited to “July” from “Quintillis”, interesting, isn’t it?

The red ruby is the official birthstone of July. The name “red ruby” comes from the Latin word “Rubens” literally meaning “red”. These red rubies are rare to find and symbolize happiness and purity. Did you know July has two official flowers? If yes, then great! If no, then read further. The two official flowers of July are the water lily and the larkspur representing rebirth and love respectively.

Download our Calendar July 2025 Printable PDF

To get started with our July 2025 Calendar Printable with Note, all you need to do is install either an Adobe Reader or a .pdf reader on your device. It’s better to use a laptop/Pc for this purpose as they make the process much easier and hassle-free. Once you download the software, click the “download” button at the top right of the webpage. Lastly, command your computer to print the calendar templates once you successfully download them.

Isn’t that as easy as pie? Yes? Now, print and plan your July life accordingly.

Thank you for visiting us again. Stay tuned for more calendar templates. Take care until we meet next time!