Hey, welcome back to Click2Calendar. We’re happy to see that you visited us for some more amazing templates. Do you know what we have in store for you today? Any guesses? No? Okay, let us unlock our gift box for you. Today, we have the January 2023 Calendar with holidays for you absolutely for free again. The month of January is the beginning of a new book, and you should write every chapter as if you are writing your own unique story. Let us see how you can do that with our new January 2023 Calendar Printable.

January 2023 Calendar with Green NotesJanuary 2023 Calendar with Goals
January 2023 Calendar with HolidaysJanuary 2023 Calendar with Goals
January 2023 Calendar Red BackgroundJanuary 2023 Calendar Light Yellow
January 2023 Calendar Printable PDFJanuary 2023 Calendar Printable
Landscape Blue January 2023 Calendar with GoalsLandscape January 2023 Calendar with Notes
Landscape Blue January 2023 Calendar with GoalsLandscape January 2023 Calendar with Notes
Blank January 2023 CalendarRed BG January 2023 Calendar Design
Blank January 2023 CalendarBlank Printable January 2022 PDF

January 2023 Calendar PDF with Holidays Templates Free

With our January 2023 Calendar with holidays, you can plan your month accordingly without any hassles. The simple and sleek design not only provides a minimalistic vibe to your working schedule but also relaxes and calms down your nerves. The blank template allows you to customize the space as per your liking on both- a computer and manually.

All you need to download our free 8 1/2″ x 11″ Printable January 2023 Calendar is either an Adobe Reader or a simple .pdf reader software installed on your computer or mobile phone. It is better to download on a computer to notice the detailed formatting of the free templates we have prepared exclusively for the Click2Calendar family. You can download as many templates as you want. Additionally, you can also distribute them among those for whom you genuinely care. Because when you grow together, the positive effect is much more drastic and uplifting.

The Cold Month of January

Before you download and print the January 2023 Calendar Printable and start working on your goals, we would love to share how January gained the importance it has today. We all know that January is a unique month because it is the start of a new chapter. But has it always been this important? What is the history behind this first month that we all look forward to? Let us find out.

Did you know that January did not exist as a month historically? Most probably, you don’t! It is surprising to know that the original format of the Roman calendar only had 10 months in a year, and it had only 10 until the later 700 BCE. The months of January and February were added to the present yearly calendar much later on in the yearly calendar that we use today.

Let’s learn about this frosty month a little bit more.

January is celebrated for new beginnings all around the world and is named after the Roman God of Doors who had two faces- Janus. This is more or less like the famous American metaphor: “when one door closes, two doors open” which says new opportunities are like new doors to life. The two-faced feature that the God of this cold month has, highlights the distinct weather the month of January provides in the opposing northern and southern hemispheres of the globe. Are you born in January? If yes, then do you know what is the name of your birthstone? We bet you don’t. Garnet it is. Garnet is the red-colored birthstone for the January army. It comes in various colors, however, the red deep color is the one that is most associated with the Garnet birthstone. Furthermore, the beautiful flowers that are given to those born in this month are carnations and snowdrops. Carnations come in extremely diverse colors, on the other hand, the snowdrops are simply white and face downwards towards the ground.

Download January 2023 Calendar

Enough of learning, right? Now plan your actions and meet and greets accordingly to make the most out of the first month of the upcoming year 2023. You still have many months left before 2023 settles in with its chilly January. Are you excited to start the new year with our free Printable January 2023 Calendar? If yes, then hop right into the next section and download our Calendar January 2023 Printable. All you need to do is click the download button near the free templates and command your computer to print your January calendar.

If you’re looking for any other templates, then we are happy to announce that we can help you with that too. On our Click2Calendar.com website, you can find all the past year’s templates again for the cost of air you breathe.

Thank you for visiting Click2Calendar.com. We hope to see you again real soon!

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